Wednesday, February 4, 2009

25 Things You Don't Know About Me.

This little craze is going on throughout Facebook -- this whole '25 Things' list. 
So, I finally took the time out to throw up some of my random facts & figured I'll share them w. you folks. Enjoy. 

1. For such an artistic person, I am such a plain Jane when it comes to myself. I'm not big on change, unless I feel like its time for something drastic. But basically, if I find something I like.. . I'll keep it for a long time. (Like my black nails, that I refuse to have any other color since this summer.) 

2. I am actually a phenomenal thief. I've been stealing shit since the age of four & it's just become second nature for me. 

3. I am a professional partyER. I can drink my heart out, stay out 'til the crack of dawn, just to wake up w. a hangover & do it all over again. In fact, I have an alter ego that I call Chloe Brooks -- but I never tell anyone that. 

4. Although I dislike a lot of people.. . a lot of people, I still try not have 'burned bridges'. I try to make peace w. everyone at some point in time, whether they accept it or not.

5. I really only lotion my body to its entirety when I know I'm going to have sex. Other than that, in the summer its shins, arms & face. Winter, just the arms & face.

6. As a child, I always used to hate taking baths or showers. So I tend to take short showers. 10 minutes tops. 

7. I am starting to finally get out of my 'AIM Anxiety Complex' -- which I diagnosed myself, which is basically I felt that if I wasn't signed on to AIM at all times, then I'm missing something vitally important. 

8. Every time I wash my hair I cry -- so I refrain from washing my own hair.

9. I don't know how to polish my toenails properly. In fact, when I polish my toenails -- which is never, they look like my 7 year old sister did them. 

10. I can cook my ass off. I just chose not too. I know I can cook, therefore I don't have anything to prove to myself. So I tend to order out, almost daily. 

11. I've never changed my number -- in fact, I've had the same number since high school. 

12. Despite the 'hype', I don't like my ass. In fact, I would trade it in for fake boobies in a heartbeat. 

13. I've never had a cavity. Ever. 

14. Sad One: I absolutely hate the month of February & Valentine's Day, because I lost my mother at 14 on February 13, 2003. This tends to be the month, I cry almost every other day & seem like a real douche. 

15. I don't like my voice -- I hate hearing it like on videos & such. 

16. I'm like a cartoon character, think like Doug Funny -- each season I have one particular 'look' I stick to. This season I wear a small Hanes men's V-neck white tee, jeans or leggings, Uggs & some sort of hat. 

17. I tend to wear earphones in my ear, not listening to music for most of the day just so people won't talk to me. 

18. I tend to talk to myself a lot. No, I don't answer myself back. I take on a different personality to answer back -- is that worse

19. In reference to #18, I never had imaginary kids when I was younger because I was my own imaginary friend. Like I said, I would take on different personalities & just have a ball. 

20. I actually like being an asshole. Most of my inspiration was evoked from the movie 'Mean Girls.' 

21. I have freckles on my hands -- although when people first see them they think it's burned marks, so I just tell people "Yea, my father did it," which in my head means I got the freckles from my father, but others don't view it that way.

22. I tend to fabricate things to people just for the hell of it. 

23. I rather text people than actually call them. I just don't like speaking to people on the telephones. I don't even call in my food orders anymore -- I do it all online.

24. It takes me months, to find jeans that I actually like. Out of all the jeans I have -- I wear four of them faithfully, but two have started to wear away due to washing & drying, so now I'm left w. two pairs of jeans I love. 

25. I'll sit at the computer for hours doing absolutely nothing before doing work. I am in fact the epitome of procrastination -- yet, through it all I still manage to pull off good grades. 


Miss.Stefanie said...

This is cute

Fee. said...

great post :)

#17 had me crackin' up.
& I can relate to #24 i have a least 10 pair of jeans but i keep my fave 4 in heavy rotation. lol

i'm so nyc. said...

you're a loser. boonquisha the loser =P

Netchem said...

I do num. 17 all the time!

A.R. said...

lol @ #18.

MsFlyGirl said...

I think you are my long lost bestfriend that i dont know LMAO

J M said...

very informational! man freckles on your hands. you gotta put up a pic of that!

thats whats up though. doug funnie! you spelled it wrong lol just kidding but no you really did!

Fennella said...

out of all the 25 random facts I have read on facebook & myspace & blogggggggger that was the best
&& that was the only one that I read all of.
elfcukery you amaze me

Kimberly Michelle said...

Absolutely ADORE your blog. And I must admit -- this was the most amusing list of randoms I have ever came across, let alone, read in its entirety.

Love it a lot.

Love your blog, tons.