Monday, October 27, 2008


Change is good.

So last night, since I was able to sleep due to the unbearable pain of my wisdom teeth growing I spent about 3 hours, making list & writing up proposals/events/ -- a whole bunch of shit, basically -- of my future plans. Future as in months away, not as in "when I grow up.. ." First on the list is to change this blog up -- I love it, some of you love it, but like I said in the past, or think I said in the past.. I want it to be less me, more lifestyle. So I'm going to be changing not only the physical appearance -- but the whole content of what 'The High Low Life' really represents, aside from being me. So, I'm working on the official logo, as well as the daily content I'm going to be giving you guys -- & yes, I did say daily. Okay, at least every other day we're going to push for? As I mentioned -- it's going to be less personal & more lifestyle. 

Lifestyle: (n.) the way in which a person or group lives. 
So w. that definition, I'm running wild & just giving you the best of everything from -- boutiques, restaurants, events, artist, music, fashion (of course!) & just a whole other array of things. And since I have international readers -- Go London! -- it will be geared internationally. Not just New York City. And the email is always good for suggestions & topics, places, pictures, you'd like for me to highlight: Also, I now enabled comments. Yay, so now you have options on how to stay in touch. :) W. the change -- I have also decided to get rid of this whole numbering post instead of actually creating titles, so we'll probably end at #30 & have like a re-grand opening of The HL. I won't delete any of the prior post because I actually enjoy looking back at some of the nonsense I wrote, but we'll just moving forward from here. 

Nonetheless, this change should be final in about two weeks or less -- the post might start before then, but the complete change should be finalized by early November. If I can beat that deadline -- then hurry for me. :)

Stay tuned. I'm excited.

Sunday, October 26, 2008


Artistically inclined. 

I've been slacking, once again.
I've had many projects & failed to let you guys see them. 
So, to make up for it -- a sneak preview for one of my assignments due tomorrow that I just completed. 

ART 2011C. Digital Media.
Photoshop Assignment #1: Professor handed out a Monday edition of our school's newspaper, 'The Daily Campus' & w. that ONE newspaper, that probably consisted of 8 spreads altogether, she wanted us to scan in at least six different sections & create an 11' x 17' advertisement getting some kind of message out. Since its too big to fit on this blog, click HERE & tell me what you think. :)  

Obviously, I took the political route. Obama '08. Owww.

Monday, October 20, 2008



If I could sum up the two consecutive weeks that just passed, I would have to say: hectic as hell, but paid off in the long run? I hadn't had the time to sit down & 'blog' about anything I said I would for the last few weeks because I've had midterms & major projects due. I was going insane -- not eating or sleeping, just trying to get all this work done & it paid off. 

So the good news is, I aced both my History of Photography midterm & my Adobe Illustrator midterm. Reason #1 to celebrate. Then Friday, I had my Communication Design Portfolio Review, which had me stressing since classes begun. Pretty much out of the 30 something students that all had hopes of going further into the Comm. Design major, only 16 of us were selected -- I being one of them. :) Reason #2 to celebrate. The only down side is, I will be at UCONN for another year, instead of graduating next year -- BUT, I'm doing something I really enjoy doing & I will graduate w. a double major in Communications Design & Photography, as well as a European Fashion Marketing minor, if all goes according. 

So, this weekend I celebrated. More so celebrated on Saturday, when Taz & I went w. Shana & her girls to Club 91 -- since it seemed like that's where everyone was going to that night. The pictures above were from when we was getting ready & waiting to leave. I wish I could discuss more about that night but all I remember was I had the time of my life -- maybe it was because I was done the whole night & just danced the night away? I really can't tell you. All I remember was we got there & then left -- while I managed to stay on my feet for how many hours we were there. Although I was fucked up, I was somewhat coherent -- I managed NOT to be that friend that is stumbling over her words & her friends have to lift her to keep her from tipping over. Instead, I was in my own little word, conversing & having a great time the whole night -- wo. my eyes being open. :) Yea, if I find a picture of me from that night .. I'd share. But I don't recall any flashes in my face, so I don't think I took any pictures. Bummer. :(

I'll write more later? 
Prepare for a sight change -- it's about time I update this bad boy's physical appearance. 

Monday, October 13, 2008



Beyonce makes me so proud to have hips.
The moment I saw this video quickly air on MTV as 'The Hills' was going off I said -- omg, I have to have that outfit. Yep, all it is a body suit -- but like Beyonce, I shall do that suit justice. American Apparel here I come. Halloween is just around the corner, so that is 'acceptable' to wear out in public. Shitttttttttttttttt. 

This isn't turning into a video blog -- I swear I'll post some good reads as soon as I finish this typography homework. Sigh

I'm bad. I know. :)

Edit: I should be sleep, but stumbled across Beyonce's other video 'If I Was A Boy' video & at 3:02AM, it had me crying. I love this video & this song. I really can't wait 'til her album comes out now. 

Hormones. Sigh. 

Thursday, October 9, 2008


The prelude.

Done w. midterms. Thank God.
Now, I'll have a little more time to devote myself to this blog.
Once again, while in Video Art my professor showed us the video above. I love the concept of it & just wanted to share it w. you guys before I start w. all the 'political' post that will shortly be following this post. So enjoy & share it w. more friends.

Let's talk politics:

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Motivation for the day.. night, whatever.

Once again, my professor showed us this video in my Video Art class & it almost made me cry. So I thought I'd share. 

I'd love to stay & chat -- but I got two midterms tomorrow. :( 


Monday, October 6, 2008


I hate the #23 -- for numerous reasons. 

I have a lot to write about.
I have actually been planning blogs to write about.
I, unfortunately will not write about them in this post. 
But I can guarantee you they will be posted probably within this week. 

So much has happened since I last wrote -- more of my artwork to share, some serious discussions concerning love, relationships & politics. Some of which I asked you, some of which you guys have actually sent in. I love emails. Keep sending them! Uh, my two year anniversary just passed this Sunday. :) Lookin' good.. lookin' good. 

So, uh, basically the point of this post was for absolutely no reason at all. I just was writing because I told people I would & to let you know I'm still alive. It seems a lot of people are giving up blogging -- I guess I'll hang on to it & continue to inspire many of you to make your own. Yes, Addler -- that's your shout out. 

I have to go study for my History of Photography midterm now. 
Yes, being an art student is fun -- but hard as hell. Seriously.