Monday, October 20, 2008



If I could sum up the two consecutive weeks that just passed, I would have to say: hectic as hell, but paid off in the long run? I hadn't had the time to sit down & 'blog' about anything I said I would for the last few weeks because I've had midterms & major projects due. I was going insane -- not eating or sleeping, just trying to get all this work done & it paid off. 

So the good news is, I aced both my History of Photography midterm & my Adobe Illustrator midterm. Reason #1 to celebrate. Then Friday, I had my Communication Design Portfolio Review, which had me stressing since classes begun. Pretty much out of the 30 something students that all had hopes of going further into the Comm. Design major, only 16 of us were selected -- I being one of them. :) Reason #2 to celebrate. The only down side is, I will be at UCONN for another year, instead of graduating next year -- BUT, I'm doing something I really enjoy doing & I will graduate w. a double major in Communications Design & Photography, as well as a European Fashion Marketing minor, if all goes according. 

So, this weekend I celebrated. More so celebrated on Saturday, when Taz & I went w. Shana & her girls to Club 91 -- since it seemed like that's where everyone was going to that night. The pictures above were from when we was getting ready & waiting to leave. I wish I could discuss more about that night but all I remember was I had the time of my life -- maybe it was because I was done the whole night & just danced the night away? I really can't tell you. All I remember was we got there & then left -- while I managed to stay on my feet for how many hours we were there. Although I was fucked up, I was somewhat coherent -- I managed NOT to be that friend that is stumbling over her words & her friends have to lift her to keep her from tipping over. Instead, I was in my own little word, conversing & having a great time the whole night -- wo. my eyes being open. :) Yea, if I find a picture of me from that night .. I'd share. But I don't recall any flashes in my face, so I don't think I took any pictures. Bummer. :(

I'll write more later? 
Prepare for a sight change -- it's about time I update this bad boy's physical appearance. 

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