Monday, October 6, 2008


I hate the #23 -- for numerous reasons. 

I have a lot to write about.
I have actually been planning blogs to write about.
I, unfortunately will not write about them in this post. 
But I can guarantee you they will be posted probably within this week. 

So much has happened since I last wrote -- more of my artwork to share, some serious discussions concerning love, relationships & politics. Some of which I asked you, some of which you guys have actually sent in. I love emails. Keep sending them! Uh, my two year anniversary just passed this Sunday. :) Lookin' good.. lookin' good. 

So, uh, basically the point of this post was for absolutely no reason at all. I just was writing because I told people I would & to let you know I'm still alive. It seems a lot of people are giving up blogging -- I guess I'll hang on to it & continue to inspire many of you to make your own. Yes, Addler -- that's your shout out. 

I have to go study for my History of Photography midterm now. 
Yes, being an art student is fun -- but hard as hell. Seriously.

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