Monday, September 29, 2008


Uh oh, I got a fan base. 

So I woke up this morning w. a wonderful IM from a wonderful person that shared wonderful information w. me. Apparently, I intrigue readers & actually have something going w. this blog, that I personally feel is still an archive of useless. But nonetheless, people love it. People IM me & share their thoughts & opinions of post #.. whatever -- & so now, I will get to be featured in one of my school's newspapers, The Vision, geared towards the minorities on our campus. So every month, people will get to read excerpts & gist of what I've been talking about for the month, as well as just continuing to tune in on their own, if they're feeling moi. :) 

Aside from the newspaper, I've been talking to other blogs about becoming a featured contributor as well. So we'll see where that goes w. that. No, I'm not a writer, nor do I want to be one. I just like to talk -- share my thoughts about things, you know ramble. And people actually like listening to what I say. Go figure. So, w. that said -- I now have an email set up for this baby: That way, you the readers that don't have my screen name or not want to leave a message in the limited shoutbox can write me. 

Call me the Dr. Phil of my time. 
No seriously, send in your questions, concerns, problems, suggestions, artwork -- oh man, I love artist, demo tapes -- you'd be surprised, ect. This should be fun. This way its less me, more you -- but still me because apparently that's what the people want. 

I do it for the glory. 

Thursday, September 25, 2008


Racism still alive -- they just be concealing it. Or are they?

Something the bestest sent me, that made me laugh .. but at the same time it's something our young black men still continue to go through. For no reason at all. I sit back & watch shows like MTV's 'Busted' & just get upset on how these white people can talk to the cops any way without even getting arrested -- but let a black man 'disrespect' a cop. OH, then it's his ass. Smh. It's sad. So sad. Oh, then I hate black cops -- I feel like they always think they have to prove to their white co-workers that they're not like these "niggers" that they're arresting. So they go extra hard, for no as reason at all. Sad how we're still putting on a show for ol' massa. 

So random updates, so I don't have to continue making new post. I got the graphic design position at WHUS. :) Had to turn down the production assistant at UCTV -- they wanted too much of my time, something that I don't even fully have. I talked to Taz -- she got her Athletics Operations job she wanted, a foot in the door on the path to her dream job -- working w. ESPN. So despite all the work, this weekend calls for a little celebration. Sunday Los is supposed to be up here -- I'm excited. I now feel like I haven't seen him in forever. Sigh

Okay, side note. Some how I ended up having a discussion about Olympic wear today w. one of my co-workers & it seems to me that everyone failed to realize just how fly the US was -- all thanks to Ralph Lauren, which I personally thinks is the perfect choice for American style. So here's a re-cap. 

When finding this picture, I read off another blog: "If this continues, think about the possibilities for the next Olympics -- the Spaniards wearing Balenciaga, the French wearing YSL & the Japanese wearing Issey Miyake." Ahh. Toldju fashion is taking over -- everything. :)

The Office Season 5 premieres tonight. :) 



I have plenty of pet peeves. Pretending your fat ass can fit into a thin ass seat on the bus.. well, that's one of them. If you cant sit comfortably -- then don't sit at all. That's just how I feel. Nothing personal against fat people -- it's just common sense people. Common sense.

That's all. 

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


A more perfect union?

I saw this in class & just loved it. 


Politically correct?

Since I called out of my 8AM work schedule, I was able to sleep until 1130AM. Got dress. Hopped on the bus & went to the art building about 20 minutes early before my class. I got a back of Cheez-Its & since the Coca-Cola machine still isn't refilled, I was forced to walk to Store 24 to get a ginger ale. Best mistake of the day. Went in the store, saw the October issue of Vogue -- purchased it, along w. my ginger ale & went about my merry way. Got into class & started flipping thru the magazine & stopped on pg. 172, entitled Runway To Change.

Runway To Change basically is a bunch of "politically minded designers fashion limited-edition collectibles for the Obama campaign." Pretty much designers like Marc Jacobs, Vera Wang, Tory Burch, Pharrell Williams, Juicy Couture, etc. came together & designed a fashionable piece in support of Barack Obama. Think Diddy's "Vote or Die" shirts, but way better. After coming across -- I, too, was able to support a great cause & purchase the Marc Jacobs Obama tote, which I absolutely loved. The great thing is, although these items are 'limited' edition -- you too can purchases them straight from the website. They are a bit on the expensive side, but after all this is for a great cause. Change. It's so good to see the fashion world getting in on this. 

Marc Jacob's Obama '08 Tote Bag -- $75.00
Rag & Bone's Change Is Awesome Tote Bag -- $75.00
Nanette Lepore's Hope Anchor w. Pin Ladies Shirt -- $65.00
Pharrell William's Obama Stands Out From The Crowd Men's Shirt -- $60.00
Vera Wang's Vote Obama '08 Ladies Shirt -- $60.00

You can also check out stores like Urban Outfitters & what not -- I know they had some great election/vote tee's the last time I went. But anyway, this November is going to mark a big change in history for us -- whether we get a black president or a white woman for vice present, one glass ceiling is going to be broken. Don't you want a say in that? So go out & vote. But before you can vote, go out & register to vote. Don't know how. Click here & they'll guide you along w. the voting registration process. For those of you that attend school out of state, don't let that be a reason not to vote either. You can either request an absentee ballot or register in the state that your school is in. That's what I did. :) 

As we start getting closer & closer to the election -- I'll do my best to inform you about important deadlines, facts & all that jazz. Or you can read more at that link I gave you above.

Only you can silence yourself. Why do it? 

Monday, September 22, 2008


If I could care less, I wouldn't care at all.

I'm sick. 
Very sick, actually. 
My last two classes were cancelled today -- giving me 6 additional hours on top of my 2 hour nap I usually take when I get out of class. I took a Naproxen 550mg before I went to sleep, but woke up dizzy & not knowing where the hell I was for a brief moment. I have no appetite, but hungry as hell. This has been going on for a few days, maybe even a full week -- I want to eat, but once I finally get food in my mouth, I get full & end up 'saving' it for later. This has causing me to lose weight, faster than I need to -- which can't be healthy at all. I think my stomach has reached it's all time flat, but I'd give it up just to be able to eat something & not get sick or full asap. Sigh

On a good note.. 
I'm happy. Very happy, actually.
Despite being sick out of my buttocks, I really have nothing to complain about. Things are going as plan. Not stressing about anything. School is going great -- despite the heavy workload I'm receiving, but after all.. it is college. Most people think art students have it easy.. ha. Don't get me wrong, I don't have to spend a week studying stupid formulas & all these definitions, theories, etc -- but I do have to spend hours at a time letting my 'creative juice' flow to present art assignments that show my full potential. Sometime I feel it is easier just memorizing useless shit. Back to the happy tangent, uh the relationship is great. My girls -- oh, how the numbers are getting smaller & smaller -- are great. Everything is just going good. 

No matter how long I slept for earlier, this sickness is getting the best of me. I would love to stay & write more.. well, not really -- but maybe I'll write more tomorrow when I'm at work for 4 hours, doing absolutely nothing. Sigh. I got another interview for the graphic designer for my school's radio station on Wednesday -- I'll let you guys know how that goes. Sex & The City comes out tomorrow, & despite how sick I am -- best believe I'm driving over to Target (which, isn't that close) & copping. :) I love that movie so much. Ah, the Carrie B. of my crew. I love my girls.  

No stress. Love. Live life. Proceed. Progress. 

Saturday, September 20, 2008


Stuntin' is a habit, get like me?

A brief shopping I did this weekend, well Friday & Saturday. I got everything I said I would get -- including my Uggs. Now I'm content. Next, I have to get a HD television & well the 360 Elite. :) 

I have a shopping problem. I'm convinced.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


A woman of my word to say the least.

ART 2010, also know as Design Process.
This is a class where the only technology we're allowed to use is a copier. Sure, we can take images from off the computer but they then must be photocopied. 

So, for our first assignment we had to create 2 posters to show our interior(private) self & our exterior(public) self without any form of color, only black whites & gray scale, if needed. 

Interior self. The thought bubble represents my thoughts, & as far as the 
brick wall all over the poster -- it represents my private life. One that I like to keep to myself & others I care about. I chose brick because well its impossible to tear down without the right tools. I figured that was the best representation of me, my feelings & my personal life -- you know what I tell you. Some of broken through the brick wall, all of which I can count on my 10 fingers, maybe -- others.. well its more of 'what you see is what you get' -- what I tell is what you know. 

Exterior self. The talk bubble represents what I want people to know through my voice, actions, etc. I chose a 'homey' wallpaper to symbolize home as being a place of comfort, as if to say I'm comfortable telling you these things. Usually when people hang picture frames it's because they're proud of what they accomplished & want others to see. With that being said, I hung up picture frames -- most which bare definitions straight out of the dictionary to tell the 'story of my life' thus far. Some of those words include: love, struggle, glory, triumph, pain, hurt, obstacle, faith, etc. All of which I have experienced, overcome & just feel the need to share my story w. others. As far as the blank frames, well those represent my future. Since I don't predict the future, I can't predict what words would fit in those frames just yet. We will one day find out. 

Sorry for the small pictures, blame blogger. 


Where science ends, art begins. 

ART 2011C, better known as digital media.
First assignment -- sketch a tattoo & turn it into a vector on Adobe Illustrator. 
I'll post the other assignment for my design class in about an hr or so. 


Monday, September 15, 2008


Lucky 13?

Rather unlucky for those folks. 
This hazardous picture was taken this Friday around 2:40PM when I had to get on the Peter Pan bus to get home. All the people you see standing -- which is soooo against all Peter Pan/Greyhound regulations to have passengers stand -- were the go hards that formed this stupid ass line thinking the bus was going to stop at where the line started. I continued to sit on the concrete bench & watch the people push, shove & complain to each other how the bus was running late. Once I saw the bus coming I stood up -- not near that bullshit ass line -- & miraculously, the bus stopped right in front of me, ensuring me a ride to Hartford to continue my journey home. If looks could kill -- I would have been massacred by that large group of go hards. Not to mention, I was supposed to get into New York around 645PM, or 7PM the latest -- but due to bullshit weather & traffic, I didn't touch down until around 815PM. I hate buses w. a passion. Public buses. Private buses. Big buses. Little buses. I hate them. All. 

Luckily for me, when I got home my baby was waiting in front of the house for me. When I say baby, I mean my second baby -- not Los -- but my car, my 2001 Toyota Celica. After spending a whole summer without her, she's finally back in my hands w. a new interior. :) I still gotta do some minor work on the exterior -- like replacing the back windshield wiper that disappeared one day while driving. One minute it's there -- next minute it was gone. But nonetheless, that car gave me back my freedom. I was so used to coming in & out of the house as I pleased, going wherever I wanted -- & now, I can finally do that. I was humbled this summer by forcing myself to take MTA buses & subways -- it was fun while it lasted, but the only time I'm going to take the train is going in & out of the city since I hate driving out there. 

Anyway, got to spend Friday w. the crew -- Los, Tilly, Shaun & Mateo. As always, its always a good time w. those people. I love my friends. :) Saturday, Los & I went on our weekend getaway to Parsippany, NJ. A complicated town but away from the busy city & people that know us. It was great. I don't want to go into details but it was absolutely wonderful. And in two weeks, he'll be up at UCONN w. me. :)

Okay, fuck. I'm going to go pay attention in class now. 

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Wow, just wow.

Gotta love my friends.


I tell it how it is, then I tell it how it could be. 

I am exhausted
I'm taking on the task of 18 credits this semester. All 3 hour art studios.
On top of that, I might have an additional 2 more jobs on top of the current job I have now working at the Registrar's office. I know its going to be a work load but I'm actually looking forward to them. One is working as a graphic designer for my school's radio station, WHUS -- I sent in my portfolio the other day & the manager was impressed. He couldn't stop smiling. But unfortunately due to UCONN policy, I have to wait for about a week or two before he gives me an answer, which seemed like a "yes" to me. The other one is working as the production assistant for my school's TV station, UCTV. And no, I don't need three jobs for money -- although its gonna go to a great cause.. shopping -- BUT, the real reason I'm doing this is for experience. I have to apply for the communication design program in October, which only allows 13 students per semester & at this rate w. all this soon to have experience that I'll have under my belt -- I feel like my chances of getting in are better than most. :)

I said I'd make this post short especially since I'm in digital media -- which I have to say, I absolutely love this class. It's like an intro to Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop. Right now we're learning Illustrator, which I never knew how to use -- after the second day of class I was busting out logos right off this bad boy. Go figure, I'm actually learning something that I'll use in the future. I am so content w. the choice I made to become an art student. Plus, I'm still considering the LSATs, which one of my design professors did -- not only does he run his own design company, but he didn't have to pay any additional money to hire lawyers to do all the contracts & whatnot. Who said art & law can't be combined? Hmmph

Coming home this weekend to pick up my car -- finally & more of my photography/drawing supplies. Los & I decided to travel out the city & spend the weekend in Parsippany, NJ -- which is only like a 30 minute drive away from the city. Then its back to UCONN to finish the shit load of projects that I have to do -- which, I will post/upload for you guys to see as well. 

Maybe I'll write later, maybe I wont?

Sunday, September 7, 2008


My way is the high way. 

I have officially stolen that quote from Los hard body -- woke up this morning & say it as his status, then proceeded to make it my status.. now look, I'm out of control.  Nonetheless, I figured I'd briefly update my blog since I have acquired a small group of readers -- you guys rock. I seriously didn't think my life was that interesting, but after reading other personal blogs.. its kinda cool when someone shares what going on in their daily life w. well the world wide web. So I read these blogs, some I find interesting & others well just pointless rambles. 

Nonetheless, this weekend since Friday -- has been completely interesting. Taz, Janee & I lost a 'friend' over some ugly $12.90 shirt from Charlotte R's in King Plaza Mall. I'm sure that's not the real reason we lost this person's friendship -- but since she hasn't told us the real reason, we're just going to leave it at that. Friday we all went to visit her & well, not resolve the whole matter -- just get to the bottom of it. It ended in completely chaos, w. the "b" & "f" bomb being dropped between probably every word. Nothing got solved. Nothing got answered. Nothing. It ended w. Taz, Janee & I being completely upset -- completely. But, her lost. I still got my girls & we don't mind rolling in a small crowd while in campus. 

The weather this weekend fucked up so many plans. It was three of my friends bday, but due to this fraud ass 'tropical storm' watch -- all these clubs & other places took madd precaution & didn't open or shut down asap, all because madd wind & heavy rain. Big deal. If we were in New York -- that wouldn't have been an issue. But I spent my Saturday night watching movies online & updating my blog's appearance -- this fall I'm coming at you guys hard & being out the "elite" side of the High Low life, as well as a shit load of events lined up in the near future -- which, I will discuss soon, as well as the introduction to this business. But we'll save that for another post. 

School is still great. Classes are 'da bomb.' I have a shit load of projects I have to finish for this week, including making a short film of scenery (not complete), 10 tattoo sketches for my Illustrator class (almost finished), shooting a roll -- 36 pictures -- of whatever to develop in the dark room tomorrow (complete!) and finish my two interior/exterior posters (almost complete). So I'll get to those while I watch the VMAs, which are on now .. so you know what that means -- this ramble is over for now. 

Side note -- Jeezy should have been Obama's running mate. I've never seen a rapper go so hard in politics -- a beautiful thing, no?

My president is black? Hopefully.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Dear Summer, thank God you're over. 

I'm sitting in my digital media class starting this blog -- I figure since I'll be in this class for the next 3 hours I should have an opportunity to at least post something up since it's been a while since you guys have heard from me. I don't know where to begin -- but I'll start somewhere. 

I've read & been told by several of my friends how shitty their classes & professors are this semester. They consist of a shit load of calculus, science & businesses classes -- all of which I have taken thus far in my college journey & all of which, I'm glad I will never have to set foot in again. Fortunately for me, my semester is nothing like that -- in fact, I am for the first time excited about all the classes I'm currently enrolled in this semester. Ahh, the perks of being an art student. This semester I am enrolled in 18 credits (6 classes -- yes, a lot but oh well) which are: Basic Film Photography, Intro to Digital Media (Photoshop/Illustrator), Design Process, Intro to Video Art, Drawing II & History of Photography I. And I have to say every one of those classes are absolutely superb! I love all my professors and yea, this should be an interesting semester filled w. a shit load of art projects that are helping bring out the true artist. Jealous much? 

Aside from school, everything else is going good for the most part. I'll be getting my refund check, new MacBook AND car back within the next week or so, so I'm pretty content with how this fall is turning out. And to top it off -- the relationship is going great. This friday will be my & Los' 23 month anniversary, but the date we're really looking forward to (since we stopped really celebrating month anniversaries -- mainly because we'll forget) is our 2 year anniversary on October 5th. :) Los is spending a week & change w. me up at school in my apartment at the end of Sept./early Oct. -- an experience we're both truly looking forward too. We've done the whole sleeping together, spending the night type thing -- but for about 7 days or so we will experience living together. You know, cooking, cleaning & just being by ourselves. A small, yet important step we get to take before we move in together -- which should be in the next 2 years. I can't wait. 

Oh, I spent the Labor Day weekend back home in New York. Friday & Saturday at my house & w. Los & our good friends then Sunday & Monday at Taz's house w. Janee where we had a sleepless Labor Day that begun on Sunday night. First, we drove up to the Hamptons to attend this party at 'The White House Night Club' -- the club was pretty much a big mansion that was veryyyy beautiful -- (21st birthday there? No, but I'm sure I will throw some type of party there in the near future..) but the only thing was they played TOO much Hip Hop & decided to save all the dancehall & soca for the last 45 minutes of the party -- not hot. We drove back to Brooklyn, where we were supposed to go to Juvert but by the time we got back it was practically 6am & well since Taz had to be on the Pkwy by 9am we all decided to just take a quick cat nap. We was up by 730am, only to head out to one of Taz's friends house to watch them get dressed up since they were playing (to 'play' in the Labor Day Parade means to dress up in costume w. a group & dance all down the Pkwy). Janee & I eventually ventured off on our own, bumping into Justin & chilling w. him for a while until Taz was finished. Let's just say -- I will never go back to Labor Day, once again it was quite & experience but not for me. At all. 

Uh, time to pay attn in class.