Sunday, September 7, 2008


My way is the high way. 

I have officially stolen that quote from Los hard body -- woke up this morning & say it as his status, then proceeded to make it my status.. now look, I'm out of control.  Nonetheless, I figured I'd briefly update my blog since I have acquired a small group of readers -- you guys rock. I seriously didn't think my life was that interesting, but after reading other personal blogs.. its kinda cool when someone shares what going on in their daily life w. well the world wide web. So I read these blogs, some I find interesting & others well just pointless rambles. 

Nonetheless, this weekend since Friday -- has been completely interesting. Taz, Janee & I lost a 'friend' over some ugly $12.90 shirt from Charlotte R's in King Plaza Mall. I'm sure that's not the real reason we lost this person's friendship -- but since she hasn't told us the real reason, we're just going to leave it at that. Friday we all went to visit her & well, not resolve the whole matter -- just get to the bottom of it. It ended in completely chaos, w. the "b" & "f" bomb being dropped between probably every word. Nothing got solved. Nothing got answered. Nothing. It ended w. Taz, Janee & I being completely upset -- completely. But, her lost. I still got my girls & we don't mind rolling in a small crowd while in campus. 

The weather this weekend fucked up so many plans. It was three of my friends bday, but due to this fraud ass 'tropical storm' watch -- all these clubs & other places took madd precaution & didn't open or shut down asap, all because madd wind & heavy rain. Big deal. If we were in New York -- that wouldn't have been an issue. But I spent my Saturday night watching movies online & updating my blog's appearance -- this fall I'm coming at you guys hard & being out the "elite" side of the High Low life, as well as a shit load of events lined up in the near future -- which, I will discuss soon, as well as the introduction to this business. But we'll save that for another post. 

School is still great. Classes are 'da bomb.' I have a shit load of projects I have to finish for this week, including making a short film of scenery (not complete), 10 tattoo sketches for my Illustrator class (almost finished), shooting a roll -- 36 pictures -- of whatever to develop in the dark room tomorrow (complete!) and finish my two interior/exterior posters (almost complete). So I'll get to those while I watch the VMAs, which are on now .. so you know what that means -- this ramble is over for now. 

Side note -- Jeezy should have been Obama's running mate. I've never seen a rapper go so hard in politics -- a beautiful thing, no?

My president is black? Hopefully.

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