Tuesday, September 16, 2008


A woman of my word to say the least.

ART 2010, also know as Design Process.
This is a class where the only technology we're allowed to use is a copier. Sure, we can take images from off the computer but they then must be photocopied. 

So, for our first assignment we had to create 2 posters to show our interior(private) self & our exterior(public) self without any form of color, only black whites & gray scale, if needed. 

Interior self. The thought bubble represents my thoughts, & as far as the 
brick wall all over the poster -- it represents my private life. One that I like to keep to myself & others I care about. I chose brick because well its impossible to tear down without the right tools. I figured that was the best representation of me, my feelings & my personal life -- you know what I tell you. Some of broken through the brick wall, all of which I can count on my 10 fingers, maybe -- others.. well its more of 'what you see is what you get' -- what I tell is what you know. 

Exterior self. The talk bubble represents what I want people to know through my voice, actions, etc. I chose a 'homey' wallpaper to symbolize home as being a place of comfort, as if to say I'm comfortable telling you these things. Usually when people hang picture frames it's because they're proud of what they accomplished & want others to see. With that being said, I hung up picture frames -- most which bare definitions straight out of the dictionary to tell the 'story of my life' thus far. Some of those words include: love, struggle, glory, triumph, pain, hurt, obstacle, faith, etc. All of which I have experienced, overcome & just feel the need to share my story w. others. As far as the blank frames, well those represent my future. Since I don't predict the future, I can't predict what words would fit in those frames just yet. We will one day find out. 

Sorry for the small pictures, blame blogger. 

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