Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Politically correct?

Since I called out of my 8AM work schedule, I was able to sleep until 1130AM. Got dress. Hopped on the bus & went to the art building about 20 minutes early before my class. I got a back of Cheez-Its & since the Coca-Cola machine still isn't refilled, I was forced to walk to Store 24 to get a ginger ale. Best mistake of the day. Went in the store, saw the October issue of Vogue -- purchased it, along w. my ginger ale & went about my merry way. Got into class & started flipping thru the magazine & stopped on pg. 172, entitled Runway To Change.

Runway To Change basically is a bunch of "politically minded designers fashion limited-edition collectibles for the Obama campaign." Pretty much designers like Marc Jacobs, Vera Wang, Tory Burch, Pharrell Williams, Juicy Couture, etc. came together & designed a fashionable piece in support of Barack Obama. Think Diddy's "Vote or Die" shirts, but way better. After coming across Store.BarackObama.com -- I, too, was able to support a great cause & purchase the Marc Jacobs Obama tote, which I absolutely loved. The great thing is, although these items are 'limited' edition -- you too can purchases them straight from the website. They are a bit on the expensive side, but after all this is for a great cause. Change. It's so good to see the fashion world getting in on this. 

Marc Jacob's Obama '08 Tote Bag -- $75.00
Rag & Bone's Change Is Awesome Tote Bag -- $75.00
Nanette Lepore's Hope Anchor w. Pin Ladies Shirt -- $65.00
Pharrell William's Obama Stands Out From The Crowd Men's Shirt -- $60.00
Vera Wang's Vote Obama '08 Ladies Shirt -- $60.00

You can also check out stores like Urban Outfitters & what not -- I know they had some great election/vote tee's the last time I went. But anyway, this November is going to mark a big change in history for us -- whether we get a black president or a white woman for vice present, one glass ceiling is going to be broken. Don't you want a say in that? So go out & vote. But before you can vote, go out & register to vote. Don't know how. Click here & they'll guide you along w. the voting registration process. For those of you that attend school out of state, don't let that be a reason not to vote either. You can either request an absentee ballot or register in the state that your school is in. That's what I did. :) 

As we start getting closer & closer to the election -- I'll do my best to inform you about important deadlines, facts & all that jazz. Or you can read more at that link I gave you above.

Only you can silence yourself. Why do it? 

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