Thursday, September 25, 2008


Racism still alive -- they just be concealing it. Or are they?

Something the bestest sent me, that made me laugh .. but at the same time it's something our young black men still continue to go through. For no reason at all. I sit back & watch shows like MTV's 'Busted' & just get upset on how these white people can talk to the cops any way without even getting arrested -- but let a black man 'disrespect' a cop. OH, then it's his ass. Smh. It's sad. So sad. Oh, then I hate black cops -- I feel like they always think they have to prove to their white co-workers that they're not like these "niggers" that they're arresting. So they go extra hard, for no as reason at all. Sad how we're still putting on a show for ol' massa. 

So random updates, so I don't have to continue making new post. I got the graphic design position at WHUS. :) Had to turn down the production assistant at UCTV -- they wanted too much of my time, something that I don't even fully have. I talked to Taz -- she got her Athletics Operations job she wanted, a foot in the door on the path to her dream job -- working w. ESPN. So despite all the work, this weekend calls for a little celebration. Sunday Los is supposed to be up here -- I'm excited. I now feel like I haven't seen him in forever. Sigh

Okay, side note. Some how I ended up having a discussion about Olympic wear today w. one of my co-workers & it seems to me that everyone failed to realize just how fly the US was -- all thanks to Ralph Lauren, which I personally thinks is the perfect choice for American style. So here's a re-cap. 

When finding this picture, I read off another blog: "If this continues, think about the possibilities for the next Olympics -- the Spaniards wearing Balenciaga, the French wearing YSL & the Japanese wearing Issey Miyake." Ahh. Toldju fashion is taking over -- everything. :)

The Office Season 5 premieres tonight. :) 

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