Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Dear Summer, thank God you're over. 

I'm sitting in my digital media class starting this blog -- I figure since I'll be in this class for the next 3 hours I should have an opportunity to at least post something up since it's been a while since you guys have heard from me. I don't know where to begin -- but I'll start somewhere. 

I've read & been told by several of my friends how shitty their classes & professors are this semester. They consist of a shit load of calculus, science & businesses classes -- all of which I have taken thus far in my college journey & all of which, I'm glad I will never have to set foot in again. Fortunately for me, my semester is nothing like that -- in fact, I am for the first time excited about all the classes I'm currently enrolled in this semester. Ahh, the perks of being an art student. This semester I am enrolled in 18 credits (6 classes -- yes, a lot but oh well) which are: Basic Film Photography, Intro to Digital Media (Photoshop/Illustrator), Design Process, Intro to Video Art, Drawing II & History of Photography I. And I have to say every one of those classes are absolutely superb! I love all my professors and yea, this should be an interesting semester filled w. a shit load of art projects that are helping bring out the true artist. Jealous much? 

Aside from school, everything else is going good for the most part. I'll be getting my refund check, new MacBook AND car back within the next week or so, so I'm pretty content with how this fall is turning out. And to top it off -- the relationship is going great. This friday will be my & Los' 23 month anniversary, but the date we're really looking forward to (since we stopped really celebrating month anniversaries -- mainly because we'll forget) is our 2 year anniversary on October 5th. :) Los is spending a week & change w. me up at school in my apartment at the end of Sept./early Oct. -- an experience we're both truly looking forward too. We've done the whole sleeping together, spending the night type thing -- but for about 7 days or so we will experience living together. You know, cooking, cleaning & just being by ourselves. A small, yet important step we get to take before we move in together -- which should be in the next 2 years. I can't wait. 

Oh, I spent the Labor Day weekend back home in New York. Friday & Saturday at my house & w. Los & our good friends then Sunday & Monday at Taz's house w. Janee where we had a sleepless Labor Day that begun on Sunday night. First, we drove up to the Hamptons to attend this party at 'The White House Night Club' -- the club was pretty much a big mansion that was veryyyy beautiful -- (21st birthday there? No, but I'm sure I will throw some type of party there in the near future..) but the only thing was they played TOO much Hip Hop & decided to save all the dancehall & soca for the last 45 minutes of the party -- not hot. We drove back to Brooklyn, where we were supposed to go to Juvert but by the time we got back it was practically 6am & well since Taz had to be on the Pkwy by 9am we all decided to just take a quick cat nap. We was up by 730am, only to head out to one of Taz's friends house to watch them get dressed up since they were playing (to 'play' in the Labor Day Parade means to dress up in costume w. a group & dance all down the Pkwy). Janee & I eventually ventured off on our own, bumping into Justin & chilling w. him for a while until Taz was finished. Let's just say -- I will never go back to Labor Day, once again it was quite & experience but not for me. At all. 

Uh, time to pay attn in class.

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