Monday, September 15, 2008


Lucky 13?

Rather unlucky for those folks. 
This hazardous picture was taken this Friday around 2:40PM when I had to get on the Peter Pan bus to get home. All the people you see standing -- which is soooo against all Peter Pan/Greyhound regulations to have passengers stand -- were the go hards that formed this stupid ass line thinking the bus was going to stop at where the line started. I continued to sit on the concrete bench & watch the people push, shove & complain to each other how the bus was running late. Once I saw the bus coming I stood up -- not near that bullshit ass line -- & miraculously, the bus stopped right in front of me, ensuring me a ride to Hartford to continue my journey home. If looks could kill -- I would have been massacred by that large group of go hards. Not to mention, I was supposed to get into New York around 645PM, or 7PM the latest -- but due to bullshit weather & traffic, I didn't touch down until around 815PM. I hate buses w. a passion. Public buses. Private buses. Big buses. Little buses. I hate them. All. 

Luckily for me, when I got home my baby was waiting in front of the house for me. When I say baby, I mean my second baby -- not Los -- but my car, my 2001 Toyota Celica. After spending a whole summer without her, she's finally back in my hands w. a new interior. :) I still gotta do some minor work on the exterior -- like replacing the back windshield wiper that disappeared one day while driving. One minute it's there -- next minute it was gone. But nonetheless, that car gave me back my freedom. I was so used to coming in & out of the house as I pleased, going wherever I wanted -- & now, I can finally do that. I was humbled this summer by forcing myself to take MTA buses & subways -- it was fun while it lasted, but the only time I'm going to take the train is going in & out of the city since I hate driving out there. 

Anyway, got to spend Friday w. the crew -- Los, Tilly, Shaun & Mateo. As always, its always a good time w. those people. I love my friends. :) Saturday, Los & I went on our weekend getaway to Parsippany, NJ. A complicated town but away from the busy city & people that know us. It was great. I don't want to go into details but it was absolutely wonderful. And in two weeks, he'll be up at UCONN w. me. :)

Okay, fuck. I'm going to go pay attention in class now. 

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