Monday, October 13, 2008



Beyonce makes me so proud to have hips.
The moment I saw this video quickly air on MTV as 'The Hills' was going off I said -- omg, I have to have that outfit. Yep, all it is a body suit -- but like Beyonce, I shall do that suit justice. American Apparel here I come. Halloween is just around the corner, so that is 'acceptable' to wear out in public. Shitttttttttttttttt. 

This isn't turning into a video blog -- I swear I'll post some good reads as soon as I finish this typography homework. Sigh

I'm bad. I know. :)

Edit: I should be sleep, but stumbled across Beyonce's other video 'If I Was A Boy' video & at 3:02AM, it had me crying. I love this video & this song. I really can't wait 'til her album comes out now. 

Hormones. Sigh. 

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