Monday, October 27, 2008


Change is good.

So last night, since I was able to sleep due to the unbearable pain of my wisdom teeth growing I spent about 3 hours, making list & writing up proposals/events/ -- a whole bunch of shit, basically -- of my future plans. Future as in months away, not as in "when I grow up.. ." First on the list is to change this blog up -- I love it, some of you love it, but like I said in the past, or think I said in the past.. I want it to be less me, more lifestyle. So I'm going to be changing not only the physical appearance -- but the whole content of what 'The High Low Life' really represents, aside from being me. So, I'm working on the official logo, as well as the daily content I'm going to be giving you guys -- & yes, I did say daily. Okay, at least every other day we're going to push for? As I mentioned -- it's going to be less personal & more lifestyle. 

Lifestyle: (n.) the way in which a person or group lives. 
So w. that definition, I'm running wild & just giving you the best of everything from -- boutiques, restaurants, events, artist, music, fashion (of course!) & just a whole other array of things. And since I have international readers -- Go London! -- it will be geared internationally. Not just New York City. And the email is always good for suggestions & topics, places, pictures, you'd like for me to highlight: Also, I now enabled comments. Yay, so now you have options on how to stay in touch. :) W. the change -- I have also decided to get rid of this whole numbering post instead of actually creating titles, so we'll probably end at #30 & have like a re-grand opening of The HL. I won't delete any of the prior post because I actually enjoy looking back at some of the nonsense I wrote, but we'll just moving forward from here. 

Nonetheless, this change should be final in about two weeks or less -- the post might start before then, but the complete change should be finalized by early November. If I can beat that deadline -- then hurry for me. :)

Stay tuned. I'm excited.

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