Monday, November 3, 2008


As promised. 

Yes, I've reached post #30. 
The new High Low Life will be launching in a few days & I've made a couple more changes. Yes, this will now be a lifestyle blog BUT, some of you did not want me to stop the personal aspect of this blog .. so I will continue to write about what goes on in my life -- if I even did that really in the first place? So, any blogs relating to me will continued to be numbered. Yay.

Tomorrow is Election Day & I have to say I am pretty excited. I get to stand on line for probably two to three hours before I can voice my twenty year old opinion on a little bubble sheet on who I feel should run this country for the next 8* years, hopefully. I already have my morning planned out -- wake up by 9AM, be out the door by 10AM -- drive by Dunkin' Donuts, grab 2 donuts, a hot chocolate, a bottle of water & a bagel w. butter (LMAO! The donuts & water are for the time spent waiting in line.) & head to Manchester Town Hall, which is right down the street from the Art bldg. Vote. And then spend my evening watching history be made.

So, Caresse happened to put me on to this video when I showed up for work -- I'm pretty sure you have all seen this by name, especially if you're an avid CNN watcher, like myself. This is that Atlanta education for you. Boy, how I miss that state now. :(

Also, while sitting in photography class -- my professor showed us some work by on of Time Magazine photographer's Callie Shell. In May 2008, she begin photographing pictures of Obama on his campaign trail & I have to say -- I absolutely love these pictures. To view more of here work, you can click HERE

Let change begin. :)

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