Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Wow, oh wow.

While in Big Daddy's Diner, Los showed me this queer ass video Eddie Murphy & Michael Jackson made. If people were unable to realize that Michael is/was a pedophile from this video, then I don't know what other proof they might need. I just still can't get over how gay this video was. Who told Eddie Murphy this was hot? .. . Probably Michael.

Anyways, I ended up sleeping through going to the campus tour of Pratt & just ended up going to SVA w. Los at 2pm for their quick campus tour. I loved it. Didn't see much, but I loved the vibe I got from it. The aura of the school seemed very down to earth & laid back. But then again, I said I loved Parsons the moment I walked out of the Admissions office. I know I want to go to school in the city, as opposed to an area within Brooklyn eliminating Pratt out of my choices, although I'm still going to apply there (I mean, it won't hurt.) -- But basically I feel, I've gotten the whole 'campus/rural' feel for almost 3 years now, it was fun while it lasted, but moving on. I've come to the realization that if I really want to take my design career somewhere, I need to move back to the 'city of opportunity' & go to an outstanding art school w. state of the art equipment. UCONN is a great school, just not for artist. I've accepted that, now I'm doing something about it & leaving.

When in Rome.. . LMAO.

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Kokonutters said...

OH MY GOD...I couldn't even go past the first 45 seconds.