Thursday, December 4, 2008


Time flies when you're having fun. 

Or just when you have a shit load of things to do. 

So today marks the last day of classes for my Fall 2008 semester. Personally, I think it went by too fast .. . but then again, I'm in my third year of college & it seems like just yesterday I was a freshman. Soon, I'll be hitting the 'real world,' but now that we're officially in a recession -- I can wait & continue to reap the benefits of a free education. So since this is the last week of class, finals begin on Monday & unlike most people, instead of a shit load of final exams to study for.. . I have a shit load of final projects to finish: 
  • Monday. Video Art Final Video Due. I'm doing a documentary on "Sneakerheads" -- a category that I can relate greatly to. Unfortunately, I was unable to record anything while my week in New York, but I shall start today. Once I'm done, I'll post the video, as well as the rest of the videos I did all semester for that class. 
  • Tuesday. Final Drawing II Critique. Just a critique on the abstract artwork we've been spending weeks on. I'll finish the piece today in class & post it on here .. . maybe Tuesday?
  • Wednesday. An actual final exam: History of Photography. Plus, my three self-portraits for my Digital Media Class. One must be done only in Photoshop, one must be done in only Illustrator, and lastly, a one must be a combination of both. I'll include a draft of my combo one within this post. 
  • Thursday. Nothing. Thank God. 
  • Friday. 'Influence' book due for my Design Process -- which is 26 graphic designs, as well as all of our revised books we spent all semester doing. Since most of them are hand rendered I'll probably scan it or something, so you guys can see. 
  • Saturday. Final Photo critique. I'm taking portraits of random people's faces -- like extreme close ups & printing & mounting them on 11 x 14 paper. I'll post those, as well as my previous landscape assignment soon. 
So, no I'm not spending hours in the library w. my head buried in books -- but instead, I'm spending hours staring at this computer screen trying to express my creativity all for a mere letter grade, which better be an 'A'. I swear after next week is over, I'm taking a week or two hiatus from the computer, internet, all Adobe programs, etc. But knowing me.. . that's not gonna last that long, especially since I have to continue working on the my portfolios for Parsons & SVA. Sigh. It never stops. 

.. Since my work shift is almost over, I need to wrap this post up. Like I said, I will include some of the work I've been doing for my final projects: 

Combination Self-Portrait (not complete) for Digital Media 

Two of my 'influence' spreads for Design Process. 

And I'm off. 

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