Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Ugh, a B+.. .

So, I ended the semester w. a 3.85 -- which I automatically rounded to 3.9, but not very happy about that B+ in Design Process .. . but, I guess that's better than a C, since I handed in some of my books a little late & not to mention -- not together. :)

Nonetheless, I got an unreal amount of work to do now w. finishing these applications & finalizing my port to send off to SVA & Parsons -- in my mind, I've eliminated Pratt, since I have my heart set on completely school in the city. So I shall do just that! Uhh.. I haven't had time to rest really, got in Saturday night -- Sunday spent the day w. Dicklos & the crew. It was great, as usual. And Monday, well I was right back at work -- it's like I never left. I've had to work Monday, and today, and tomorrow, which I have to work 9am-7pm.. so bare w. me when it comes to these post.

I'm exhausted. Sigh.

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