Sunday, December 7, 2008


I have to say.. . I love, love, love, love, LOVE my life & all that's included.

This should be a quick post. 

This weekend was the last official weekend in Storrs, CT before I'm back in New York for winter break -- which is about a month & some change long. Last week, I was ecstatic about coming back home (& don't get me wrong .. I still am!) but this weekend was absolutely wonderful.. well, moreso the climax of the weekend (which is Saturday, for those of you that don't know) was superb. 

Friday, was the African American Cultural Center's Kwanzaa Dinner, which was okay -- food was great, but since the guest speaker that was supposed to be there was dropped.. it just turned real interesting watching students entertain a room filled w. people who were expecting the keynote speaker of that night (I really forgot his name -- but he is an African American self-made multi-millionaire that made his first million at the age of 8.. . must be nice.) After that, me & Tina went to the AKA Probate, which was cool. One of my girls is now an AKA & I'm proud of her. :) 

Saturday, saturday, saturday. Spent the day bullshitting & acting like I was studying. Joined the girls around 7:22PM for the Sigma probate. I have to say I was more than impressed w. how theirs went. It even touched me to the point, I was considering pledging a sorority next semester -- but mostly like I'll wait until I transfer back to New York to do that. The girls & I, plus Sunny went to Chuck & Augie's -- sat, conversed, made commentary.. . you know the usual before heading back to Joyce's room, where we decided we'd try our luck w. using other people's 21+ IDs to get us into Sports Bar, which seemed to be the 'it' place of the night. We all got dressed, I drove us there (w. the intentions to be too drunk to drive us back, so Tina was the D.D for the night -- yayyy, Tina!) & we got in w. no problems. 

I had an absolutely wonderful time. Next semester, I vowed that we're going to start going w. the girls more to Sports Bar -- it was that awesome. After having 5 drinks, including one shot of patron -- I found a new drink for the month (courtesy of Ronke): Amaretto Sour. :) After passing out, I was still able to take this beautiful 'morning after' picture -- 

So, now since Finals begin tomorrow -- I need to finish my sneakerhead documentary, since I have to share it w. the class from 330-530pm. So, like I need to get started editing that. So this is the end of this post for now. 

Despite how short this post is, it took forever!

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