Tuesday, December 23, 2008

A Bunch of Mumbo, Jumbo!

'Tis the season & I'm no where near prepared.

But honestly, I'm never prepared for Christmas. It comes too fast -- it's like I just got done w. the semester (mind you, some people in New York still have finals this week), barely put in any work hours.. . and on top of that, I'm so not in the Christmas spirit this year. I haven't had the desire to get up and drive in traffic to go to a crowded mall, or walk around in the cold ass city to stand on long ass lines trying to buy stuff for someone else. So I've put off my shopping for as long as I possibly can -- I just had to look at my phone to realize that today is the 23rd and aside from today, I have officially one more shopping day left. Great

Despite my lack of shopping, I was able to make my way out to the city to meet up w. Ava to pick up Los' gift (the only gift I got so far). Not only did I bust my ass on the way to the L train, I managed to freeze my ass off the whole time we were in the city since I managed to wear only leggings and flats, along w. three shirts that did not do anything since my leather jacket was open the whole time. So yes, I am now sick. We did a little shopping before we headed to Silver Spurs--I swear I've never appreciated hot chocolate as much as I did sitting in that restaurant. All & all it was a great lil' 'date' despite freezing my ass off for most of it. 

Aside from my lack of Christmas shopping, I've also managed to get no birthday gifts for all of the Sagittarius/Capricorns in my life. Well today is Dani's 22nd birthday, so I'm sure we're all going to do something tonight, that will probably include a lot of liquor -- my favorite. The 27th, is the bestest's 21st birthday, which I feel like I'm wayyy more excited than she is at this current state -- BUT its okay, because I know she'll get in the spirit soon. Plus, its on a Saturday -- that's like God giving us the permission to get 'fucked up' that night.. . But unfortunately not too fucked up, since for my aunt's birthday which is the next day (28th) -- I promised her I would go to Church w. her. So I guess that's also God's way of telling me, 'You had your fun, no come to Church since you haven't been in Lord knows how long.. .' Thanks God. 

So like I said, I've been working on my 2009 Promises, and I continued to do some thinking and came up w. more of these promises: 
  1. To laugh more. Seriously, it's not that serious. Laugh off everything & you'll live longer. I promise. 
  2. To network more. The internet is a great networking place -- but I refuse to spend my life sitting in front of a computer trying to sell myself over the web, when I can just do it in person. Random conversations in the train are great, you'd be surprised who you meet during rush hour. 
  3. To make more art. Daily. Well, this is a promise I need to keep to myself. What's an artist w. no work to show? I need to not only make an extensive portfolio for these art schools, but for myself and my career.
  4. Pay them no mind. Obviously.. . not everyone is gonna like you. You can either weep about it or say fuck them. They hold no meaning to your life.
Yep, this is what I thought off thus far to add onto the additional promises I made in a previous post -- Nonetheless, what I really need to worry about is what I'm doing on New Years Eve? Owwwww

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