Monday, November 24, 2008


Oops, I did it again?

Okay, so .. I haven't updated in a while. So much has happened over the course of the last post, and so much of it I will not tell you. :) Ah well, shit happens righ? But, nonetheless like I discussed in #32 -- I started THE UPPERCLASSMEN lifestyle blog. It still isn't actually where I want it to be aesthetically, but I'm working on it all while trying to fill it w. interesting content to keep the readers entertained, so be sure to check that out as well. You can start by clicking the link above. :)

My Thanksgiving Break started on Friday, and I basically have a week off to gather my thoughts, get away from all the Connecticut drama, spend time w. the loved ones & work on all my final ass projects for classes. Being home for less than probably 48 hours had justified the changes that I was debating on while being stuck in Storrs. Basically, entering the Communications Design at UCONN, would add an extra year to my undergraduate experience, making me graduate in 2011, as opposed to 2010. So basically all my credits (that put me a year ahead credits wise -- making me a senior in the Spring 09 semester) mean absolutely nothing anymore. So I had two choices:
  1. Stay at UCONN for 2 more years. Get my own place off campus. Be tight that all my true friends are graduating in 2010 leaving me alone OR
  2. Transfer back to New York, finish my two years at an art school here. Get a place w. Loso. Be happy that my bestest will also be back in the city that winter & be happy forever (LMAO).
Well, obviously it's not #1.
So I've decided to apply to Pratt Institute, Parsons New School of Design & School of Visual Arts for Communication Design & pick which ever one I get accepted into--or have to sit in decide which one I should actually go to if I were to get into all of them (which would be awesome!) W. staying in New York -- I refuse, like flatly refuse, to live at home. I cannot tolerate my aunt for more than an hour better yet a whole 2 years. So, Los & I would begin looking for a place to share together in the summer 2009, move in by fall & just be straight. I'd work & go to school. He'd work & go to school & we'll be straight. I know it's not going to be that simple -- but that is basically the plan that I've stirred up in my head already.

I'm turning 21 next year, and I just need to live my life for myself -- which, I've always been doing, but it just sounded good to say in that sentence? Lol. As an artist, New York has so much more to offer me than stupid CT & I just need to stop denying that. So I've begun filling out my applications -- fixing up my portfolio, busting my ass off in these final projects so I can get all A's again this semester & keep it moving w. my astonishing GPA. It's final. I need change. & I feel this is the change I need in order to really follow out my dreams. Switching my major from Pre-Med/Pharmacy to Communication Design was the prereq -- now its time for the real deal.

Change starts now.

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