Tuesday, August 19, 2008


There is only one thing that makes a dream impossible to achieve: the fear of failure. 

Things have gotten so much better within the pass few days -- despite the few obstacles we (we meaning Los & me -- you know the 'packaged deal'.) had to endure. For one, like I mentioned in the past post .. we got rid of negative people in our live that wasn't doing absolutely anything for us but causing unnecessary drama. And as far as the other obstacles that I thought were gonna last forever -- are coming to an end, very soon. I can once again say, I'm happy & after today .. I KNOW everything is going to be okay at the end of the day. In fact, I'll be happy once this year ends -- because 2009 is looking SO good. 

Moving on.. . 
Sunday, Los and I met up in Chinatown to shoot Vlad (formerly known as 'Haitian V') at Keith Major's studio w. Slinky. The shoot lasted for about an hour and everything ran just as smooth as possible. My shoot on the Brooklyn Bridge with a client ended up flopping, leaving Los & I to have hours to explore the city. We left Chinatown & headed to Little Italy -- a place neither Los or I have ever been. 

We ended up finding a nice italian restaurant by the name of Novella, which blew Olive Garden out the water. I now understand why the Italians despise that commercial restaurant. It was no where as good as the food we had at this restaurant -- it was evident that all the food they served was made w. nothing but love. I highly recommend Novella to those of you looking for a nice chic, cheap & romantic spot -- because even at 130pm .. the mood was definitely set.

We were then off towards nowhere in particular, strolling along roads unknown where we ended up in the middle of this little quiet park on Worth Street -- where we sat & discussed our future, our past and our present. Decided that Barnes & Nobles was a good look since I needed to by 'The Alchemist' -- a book Los started reading, in which he was referred to by a good friend. I'll discuss that in future detail a little later. I attempted to use my GPS on my Blackberry, that had us walking all around the merry go around, never finding this Barnes & Nobles just yet -- but instead, we found our future. Our future was located all the way at the end of Chambers, in a hidden area known as 'River Terrace'. Its a small area w. nice Manhattan condos w. a nice park & a beautiful view of the city w. the river in front of it. Our dream, because we WILL be in that condo within the next 2 years. The only thing that makes a dream impossible to achieve: the fear of failure. I know we're not going to fail -- we're gonna make it. Asap. 

We eventually found Barnes & Noble, in which I bought two books: 'The Alchemist' & 'Catch 22'. I decided I needed to start reading more -- to escape all the bullshit that occurs in my life, instead of attempting to use AIM as an outlet. It's working. I completed the book in a day or so & I have to say 'The Alchemist' has completely changed my life. Yes, a book has completely changed my life. I don't want to give anything away because everyone should read it -- but pretty much, it made me realize that I need to continue striving after my 'personal legend'. 'Personal legend' being something you've always wanted to achieve as a child, but as you got older reality and obstacles deterred you further away from reaching that goal. I have let several obstacles hold me back from getting to where I need to be & all that stopped this weekend. I have let go of all the negativity & doubt in my life & now it's time to move on. Time to keep my head up, hold his hand & walk closer towards my dream, ready to face more obstacles that are going to happen -- because of course getting to your dream is never easy... but I'm ready. We're ready.

Failure.. gone. Doubt.. gone. 
W. God on our side -- all things are possible. Even the impossible. 

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