Friday, August 22, 2008


There is no place like home, ever.

I took this Tuesday, while at South Street Seaport w. my grandpa from my Blackberry. Sigh. :) 

I now have a few more hours remaining in New York before I'm back off to Storrs, CT to complete my junior year. The second question I'm going to be hearing for the next 2 weeks or so is "So, how was your summer?" -- you know, right after, "How have you been?" Anyways, I'm sitting here thinking up the one word that could describe my whole summer vacation -- after much debate I would have to say: an experience

After reading 'The Alchemist' -- which has gotten a lot of you cool guys reading it & telling me how it's changed your lives, so.. after reading 'The Alchemist' I realized that I've faced so many obstacles this summer that have tried to hinder me from finding my 'personal legend'. Of course, there was the incident w. Los that inspired to me give this blog another -- make it some kind of outlet that my friends can read, so it's like I'm telling the story at one time, instead of multiples, along w. several other low moments that are pointless to even bring up, since they are .. in fact, the past. But despite it all, I progressed -- No stress. Love. Live life. Proceed. Progress. -- progress in time to show my experiences, all in which I have learned & grown from. And what a better time to show my progression then at the beginning of a new school year? Jackpot. I have gone through a great change, since I want to say the beginning of August -- when I wrote that I died, I feel I really did. A large part of me died when I began writing this post -- yes, exactly 4 post ago. I felt like the world had turned its back on me, God has lost all hope in me -- so, I died one time. But like they say, God works in mysterious ways. I died, only to wake up a stronger person -- a much stronger person than I feel I've ever been & its only beginning. Not to mention the turning 20 & leaving all that teenage shit behind helped tremendously too. I  also feel like, w. the strong help of Los -- I've become less angry. I learned to 'brush shit off & keep it moving'. Most the things I used to get tight over where pointless, held no weight in my life -- so, no point. And I took that advice and kept it moving. I mean, I can sit here & continue w. a list of changes I made, but I don't feel like going in

Nonetheless, in a couple of hours I will awake, get my fill in & eyebrows threaded, do some more shopping  and some light packing & then spend the remainder of the night w. Los and some of our closest friends. One last reunion, the midnight society strikes one last time.. well, at least w. me. My bestest left today, so she won't be able to be there w. us -- but she is there in spirit, or at least I'm going to say she is. But, while everyone is complaining about their lack of friends and not knowing who their real friends are, I have to say that I am truly blessed. I have amazing friends, in both New York and in Connecticut -- how lucky am I?. I just want to take the time to say, my friends are better than your friends.. hands down -- unless of course, your friends are my friends. I am sad to leave the 'crew' -- but I do miss my girls, the 'Sex & the Suburbs' girls. The trio-squared. 

Ah, I'm going to miss New York -- but my mind is ready for Connecticut. It's grinding time -- gotta go get another 3.9 and continue reaching my dreams .. all of them -- fashion, art, law, music, etc. You'll see.

Change is good.

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