Monday, August 25, 2008


My friends > yours. Period. 

Friday night was my last day in New York & I truly enjoyed it. I spent most of the day w. Los running errands around Brooklyn. That night, we met up w. the boys & headed to the hookah bar, which I have to say was an experience for all of us. We ended up all buying hookahs w. different flavors & I must say the alcoholic hookahs hit the spot. It gave us a little buzz -- nothing compared to the buzz from the good ol' mighty ganja -- which we ended up ending the night up in the ol' might Dungeon, if you don't know about the Dungeon -- well, then too bad. ;D Unfortunately, our other two amigos, Shaun & Danielle didn't get to attend this event -- but I was able to see them before I left. And besides, me & the girls are coming back to NY this weekend for the Labor Day Parade & all that jazz. 

Saturday, I woke up around 10AM and did some last minute packing before me & my aunt jammed all my stuff into one car & I drove us all the way to Storrs, CT. I finally got my single apartment that I've been feenin' for all summer -- finally a place of my own to get away from it all when I need to. I was going to take some pictures of it -- but I decided to wait until I finish decorating it, therefore everyone can see the finishing product. My aunt stayed & helped me unpack a lot of my stuff -- then we went grocery shopping & then she was out leaving me alone. I'm still getting used to this single apartment -- kind of a big adjustment for someone who is very extrovert like myself, but I'll eventually get the hang off it. Around 9PM that night, I met up w. all my girls, had some drinks & headed to the UCONN Block Party -- a place to reunite w. old friends, point out freshman & just get a good laugh. I must say I was a little bent, but still managed to have a good time -- which, is a good start especially in this boring state. I even included some pictures, my girl Brittany took before we headed off to the Block Party:

 I'm really excited about this upcoming year. My art classes are absolutely wonderful, my friends are absolutely the best, my apartment is my own place of solitude & peace. Ahh, this is going to be great. Don't worry -- I shall keep you all posted.

Ah, welcome to the good life.

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Anonymous said...

oooh, i've been dying to go to a hookah bar. it's seems like fun. i need to find one in brooklyn or in the city....asap! :)