Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Girls vs. Women. 

I found this on another blog -- & pretty much this sums up why I am the way I am, simply put because I'm a woman. I got rid of all the "girls" in my life & only surround myself w. women who are just as confident & strong-minded as me. They accept me for who I am -- because they actually know me. Please don't read my blog & think you have a full knowledge of who I am. Many people have made that mistake & got 'surprised' when I continued to act myself. But I can ramble on about incidents like that -- but we're gonna keep it moving. Like I said, this poem sums it all up for me. I am a woman, strong & bold. You are a girl, young & naive. Period. 

Girls are insecure. Women are confident. 
Girls dress trashy. Women dress classy. 
Girls are students. Women are teachers. 
Girls are listeners. Women are preachers.
Girls make babies. Women raise babies. 
Girls have sex. Women make love. 
Girls are weak. Women are strong. 
Girls fight. Women walk away. 
Girls argue. Women speak.
Girls give in. Women compromise. 
Girls envy. Women appreciate.
Girls give up. Women strive.
Girls look. Women see.
Girls take. Women give.
Girls follow. Women influence. 

-- Christina E. Brown

Wow. So true.

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