Saturday, January 24, 2009

Beauty Tips?

So lately I've been gettin a few emails -- yay, ppl are actually using my email address: -- asking me to share my 'beauty' tips & secrets w. my readers.. I've noticed lately -- or maybe just lately to me -- that a lot of other females share advice on great hair & skin tips, which I think is pretty cool. So I figured I'd share what little, if any skin & hair tips I have w. you guys.

Fortunately, due to genetics neither I or anyone in my family has ever had acne. I don't get zits, only 'stress' bumps here & there. Oh, and I get small heat bumps in the.. winter. But as far as keeping clear skin -- I do absolutely nothing. My morning routine consist of bypassing all the Avecado Scrubs & Clean & Clear Morning Burst Cleansing Gels only to end up splashing water in my eyes and mouth to get the crust out and toothpaste off. Then I'm off. If I do shower in the morning then I'll wash my face w. a rag -- get behind the ears & all that goodness & keep it moving. I used to use all those fancy scrubs, but honestly got tired of it -- so now I just buy them to arrange nicely in my bathroom to look as if I'm doing something wonderful to my pores. :)

I respect all those who are on their journey to go 'natural' -- but eff that. My hair is just too thick & I'm just too lazy to dedicate myself to that commitment. 'Dirty hair grows faster' -- I've always been told that & its been true. I don't wash my own hair -- only in emergencies. In the summer, I get a wash & set every week. In the winter, every.. month or so? It's not smelly or dandriff infested -- I swear, lol. I also don't grease my scalp. Oops. I got so used to getting it done weekly I found it no point to make it heavy w grease so I don't. Ever. I get new growth like crazy every month, so I usually either flat iron the shit out of it OR get a touch up. I use Creme of Nature SUPER perm & sometimes I have to use 2 boxes worth. :) I use Jam 'Regular Strength' to gel down my edges occasionally & that's how that goes.

I don't lotion my whole body in the winter unless I'm goin to have sex -- other than that I feel its pointless. I just hit the main spots: feet, shins, knees, butt, arms & face. I use a mixture of Vaseline Cocoa Butter Lotion & Baby Oil Gel. I bangs w Caress soap, or Vitabath Body Gel -- if my aunt buys me Bath & Beyond stuff, then I'll use that occasionally, or the Lever 2000 gels -- either the green or blue bottle. Uh, I hate body hair -- so I shave often & an avid believer of the Brazilian wax. Not a fan of body splashes, but love my Marc Jacobs 'Daisy', A&F 'Fierce' (yes, the men's cologne) & 'Classic' & Burberry 'Chance'.

Uh, I think I'm done. So yea -- that's all my little beauty 'secrets' .. . All written from my Blackberry at 350AM, when I should be sleep since I got my SVA portfolio review in the morning. Wish me luck!


Aidni said...

lol i use baby oil and lotion too...people are like why do you cream sooo much.

and lever too fcuk caress dove is thee best!

Sarah Noelle said...

you're going to get into the damn school . . so moving on ; your beauty tips are funny cuz they're like anti-beauty tips . it's like the 'lazy girl's' beauty regimen . funny .

The Black Barbie said...

Lmao @ I only lotion my whole body when I am going to have sex... Me too girl!!!

Miss.Stefanie said...


Traversoooo said...

lmmfao @ the lotioning for sex, ur better than me cuz i dont do it unless i can forsee daytime sex. i find that sweat from od tight jeans does the job on my legs so im straight. and daaaaamn el i never knew u had that nigerian hair! not even my dreads were that nappy. but u should try mizani relaxers or olive oil, they're the greatest

A.R. said...

i pretty much do what you do already, lol.

el, the high low life. said...

Danielle -- I don't have nappy hair HOE! It actually just gets unreal think and starts curling. Eff you. :)

Traversoooo said...

It's ok my little oomfoofoo dont be ashamed, ur safe, our president is half African :-)

Tashur Raquel said...

I dont lotion my whole body in the winter either. lol
too much work when its all gonna be covered anyway.