Monday, January 26, 2009

Blame It On The Alcohol.. . #2.

Meet victim #2: Y. Peter. 

Due to the complaints & 'threats of a lawsuit' from Y. Peter -- I removed his pictures. Some people aren't good sports like A. Turner. Smh. 

This is just another case of what happens when you get lean't earlier than everyone else. You get 'dick'd'. (& yep -- I was the artist this time. Ignore the scribble that was a bad attempt at a tear drop.) 

All & all another great weekend that consist of me drunk every day starting from Thursday night up until tonight.. well Sunday night. Oh, the SVA portfolio review went awesome -- another reason why I celebrated so hard Saturday night, only to wake up around 6AM on Sunday to vomit. Yea, I party hard -- a self proclaimed 'professional party-ER'. Now, I should take my ass to bed since I have to wake up for my 9AM class -- but have no fair, I'll post the videos & rest of the party pictures from the weekend in a later post. 


A.R. said...

lol @ that.

Miss.Stefanie said...

Otra Vez...AYE DIOS mIO!

SICKNESS said...


Fee. said...

LOL Poor Thing.
Yall did him dirty.LOL

Shayna' said...

lmao...such a hater.