Monday, January 5, 2009

Dogs Don't Bark At Parked Cars.. .

.. . They only bark at cars that are moving -- you know, cars that are actually going places. 

As I've been reading away messages, blogs and just talking to people, it is obvious that everyone is on some kind of 'grind' or 'flow' for 2009 -- whether it be sticking to the fraudulent New Years Resolutions they've made, or just continuing to make their money.. everyone is trying to do something w. their lives for 2009. And don't get me wrong, I think that is absolutely wonderful. Obviously, everyone wants to be somebody in life. No one wants to hang around people that aren't doing anything w. their lives -- it's just not hot. But the thing I failed to differentiate in 2008 was the 'talkers' against those who actually are doing something w. their lives. And I'm going to admit for the longest.. fuck, for the majority of 2008 I could categorize myself as one of the 'talkers'. I always came up w. these nice ideas that I wanted to carry out -- I'd network w. a whole bunch of other 'talkers' & obviously all of my dreams, plans, goals never got carried out. It was all talk. And I was the main person telling other people, "Less talk, more action" but wasn't practicing what I was preaching. Call me what you want.. . but, the thing that makes me different from the 'talkers' is that I've actually realized that I spent a whole year being a fraud. If I could get a nickel for every time I was going to make a business plan, make a business card, buy a domain name, buy this.. buy that -- shit, I'd probably have enough nickels to start up one of my plans. 

In 2008, I tried to be big on this whole 'networking' scheme -- realizing all along, I was doing it all wrong. As Los & I sat today making a list of all these people I've 'networked' w. -- there was only two people remaining on that list that is actually doing something w. their lives that could potentially help me out -- Keith Major & Bill Hayward. And instead of going hard trying to better myself w. them -- I was trying to 'network' w. a bunch of nobodies, frauds & 'talkers'. I tried to seek popularity amongst a group of people that over time I realized were nothing but frauds, scammers (literally) & a bunch of people that swore they were doing stuff w. their lives --- had nothing to show. Obviously, everyone wants to be something in life. Realistically, most wont. 

Dreaming is free -- everyone can do it. Talk is cheap -- everyone can afford it. It's the sacrifice that most people aren't willing to take when it comes to making all that talking & dreaming come true. You have to lose to gain. It's a given. In 2008, I was content w. thinking that Myspace was the only 'social network' I needed to make my 'dreams' come thru. Obviously, I was wrong. The people that are really doing something w. their lives, don't have time to be sitting on the internet talking it up, sharing ideas & plans & goals.. . instead, they're actually out doing it. 

Dogs don't bark at parked cars, they only bark at cars that making moves. I refuse to sit around watching other people live out my dream, because I'm too lazy or too afraid to take chances. I always was strong believer that a new year didn't mean shit. Well, that's out the window. Despite all the bullshit I said in the past, 2009 is a new beginning for me. I've let go all the people negative in my life, fixed whatever friendships I felt will get better in years to come, let all the 'talkers' go & I'm just ready to start new. Less talk, more action -- & to think it only took me 5 days into the New Year to realize that. :) 


Kofi Bofah said...

Stop talking.

When I first started my business - I would go out to clubs and pass out my business card.

I went to one here in Chicago and I gave me card to this cat. He said that he would not be needing my services (investments) because he did not have a job.


Why are you in the club, then?

el, the high low life. said...

The sad ting is -- I know a lot of people like that. All frauds. Smh.

Strutt said...

I can TOTALLY relate. I'm so annoyed with myself for wasting 2008. And I was just like you with the whole new year don't mean shit thing... up until the early hours of jan the 1st. Then I gave myself a mental kick up the arse. I'm gonna stop talking and start walking-if anything, at least I'll know that I tried.