Wednesday, January 21, 2009

So Beautiful.

I wish everyone could have a love like theirs. 

It's just so beautiful -- it reminds me of me & Los in a weird kind of way. Sigh. I love that family -- & no matter how much I'd love to 'beat' President Obama, I don't want to break up a happy home. (LMAO). Instead, I'll work to building mine to be as strong & loving as theirs.

I absolutely love Michelle Obama, she's my role model -- intelligent, independent, beautiful, strong (the list can go on.. .) & most importantly, is a 'ride or die chick' for her husband. Behind every strong man stands a stronger woman -- & that is First Lady Michelle Obama. 


=Milli Millz= said...

they def are the shit.

Fina get some love tips from Michelle & all dat!

Miss.Stefanie said...

I love them!!

Fee. said...

Sigh. Such a beautiful couple. U can see that they genuinely love each other----I adore them.

Shayna' said...

ahhh man how gorgeous are they?
black love at its best, a happy home in the black community does exist for you non believers.

A.R. said...

yeah, that shit is so lovely.

Sarah Noelle said...

Yes , we dont talk -- moving on -- the Obamas are the truth. Michelle is the ideal role model for women. I think I look up to her more than Oprah.