Thursday, January 15, 2009

One Step Forward, Two Steps Back?

When it rains, it pours.
It's my last week in New York, and it turned out to be the complete opposite of how I expected it to go. One flop after another turned what was potentially supposed to be a great week -- horrible. And to top it off, I had to be wo. my boyfriend for two days due to more bullshit that I don't even want to discuss now -- just know, I hate the federal system. It's made to screw a person over, no matter how hard they are working to change.. . someway, somehow their past always comes back to haunt them at unexpected times. So basically, I spent all of my Wednesday crying periodically throughout the day & by the end of the night, my eyes were all swollen, puffy & red. Sooo not hot. 

On a better note, I was able to spend the day w. my bestie at the tattoo parlor. I was going just to get out the house & take my mind off of things & to watch get her finger tattoo -- but it turned out me getting my third tattoo as well, followed by her getting yet another one, this time behind her ear. 

Nothing major -- & actually, the photo booth camera has the tattoo backwards, the numbers come first (so like view it from right to left). Anyways, it's from my favorite Biblical scripture: John 8:7 -- "Let he who is without sin, be the first one to cast the stone at her," located on my inner left wrist. And since a lot of people were confused about what the scripture meant, basically in modern terms it means: Only God can judge me since he is the only person I know who is without sin. Everyone else can kick rocks.  Then I got questioned to why I choose to get a Biblical scripture in Arabic? Simply because I love Arabic. I've been exposed to it since I started high school, when a lot of my family members, including my mother -- converted to Islam. I loved the way it sounded, loved the way it looked. So I said, Arabic it is. And the good thing about this tattoo is that when my hand is in 'typing formation' -- you know.. . palms flat down, the tattoo is barely visible. Now how conservative and cool is that? :) 

Well, this post took a complete turn of where I wanted it to go originally. I was going to talk about the amazing weekend I had & whatnot -- but then this wack ass week happened & just ruined my mood. Sigh. Maybe once I feel better after finally seeing Los tomorrow. I miss my boyfriend. :( 


A.R. said...

nice tat.

Netchem said...

Yes Arabic is a beautiful language!! I also have a tattoo on my left wrist in Arabic! Go figure huh :)

Srry about Los!!

Miss.Stefanie said...

That is a beautiful tat!

SICKNESS said...

I thought about getting a tat in arabic on the left upper side of my rib cage. It would make my second.

lalallaliyah said...

i have a tatt in the SAME exact place (where you can't see it if my hand's are flat) it says "amore" in script & is composed of 1st letter to me, my gma, great gma, my mom & my other gma's names