Thursday, January 1, 2009

Hello, 2009.

It's 7:13PM, why am I still dizzy from last night?

I didn't have time to write an 'ode' to 08. I didn't feel like sitting here analyzing friendships I've encountered or experiences that occurred during '08. No need to reflect on the past for it has come and gone -- only time to focus on the future, and since I don't know what that's gonna bring I just have to sit back & await it.

Hello, 2009.


J M said...

yeah I feel you there. but I feel sometimes with certain things that happen, I feel I need to reflect.

I hope you had a good new years, babe. I'll holla at you later.

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year!!!!!!

girl, i can relate ...i had a massive hangover & was throwing up ..constantly. ugh. more shots of patron for me. :)
hope you enjoy yours! can't wait to read yout blogs in 09!

A.R. said...

fly header.

Yves said...

I didnt do any reflecting this year either, life goes on, it is what it is.

Kofi Bofah said...

Happy New Year.

Yes, I know that I am late.